12th Letter to the American People

July 15, 2021

My Dear American Friends,

No matter the view or party prescribed, it is the wish on both sides to place a full stop upon the unhealthy actions of late which not only threaten the General Welfare, but have torn at the very seams of our long-standing and once rightful Union. Such jealousy and suspicion among neighbors has now caused such dreadful grievance that even those who once stood apart from the arena of Politics now see it at every turn, and those who are involved in the arena appear to grow harsher by the day.

It is with this in mind that, I declare, the first thing to be established by the varying parties now at quarrel is a level of truth in purpose, even if sides don’t agree on the events which have preceded the present. For it is at this starting point from which we may move forward to save Liberty, for she is in peril in a time more frightful than ever.

The Conservatives of this nation have been clear in message, declaring, that State-by-State audits of the 2020 election are necessary to establish a true account of what happened during the counting of votes. The acts which they believe, and have of late begun to prove, have ripped harmony from this nation and placed Liberals and Conservatives into such disarray as to have left us all in positions entirely untenable. The restoration of happiness among those who share this federal union is paramount if it is to survive for the benefit of all, and not just one side.

If truth is thought to be reasonable then let our Liberal neighbors and those leaders among them make a Declaration which respects the right to a free and fair election, the right to full audit of that which we say has shown wrong-doing, and establish in their own name their belief that no audit will uncover wrongdoing for they had no part in it, and their leaders benefited only from a true and fair accounting of the vote.

For to make such a sincere Declaration, they should find themselves the bearer of peace and goodwill among a nation now fraught with uncertainly and disillusionment.

If Liberals can have the emotional maturity to rely on the factual accounting of audits and stand by such Declarations as outlined above, then they should without hazard to themselves or those now in power allow such audits to take place and move forward unmolested. For if we, Conservatives, are wrong then they will retain such power as they have now, and in fact, see it enhanced by our own failed efforts.

It should be proposed that Liberals show some level of manner and confidence in the Declarations outlined, by allowing the audits to move forward, not seeking any injunction against them, and standing by their own word that the 2020 elections were as free and fair as any in history.

That to aggravate and propagandize such efforts to render a true account will lead to little more than further division, Liberals should petition their own outlets and elected leaders who currently act against these audits to cease immediately.

And at such time that these audits conclude, Conservatives will happily accept any results be they for, against, or contain mixed results for our only purpose is a true account. At such time we should all find ourselves more confident in the survival of Liberty for it will have been exercised unimpeded and in the open for all the world to have seen.

This set of measures should not create apprehension in those who know in their hearts that the election was free and fair. Our own desires come from that of goodwill and a hope that we may change and remedy the current disposition of those within the States who currently stand at odds with one another. It is with a sincere Desire of Reconciliation that we seek such an audit and account.

These Declarations should place generous confidence in both Liberals and Conservatives, should provide grounds for a true revival of the shared commonality which we have so lost, and endeavor to provide a new baseline from which we may all start anew, together, as reasonable and fair-minded friends not bound to past grievances but forward looking and hopeful that which has led us into such disarray may never again affect us as it has. This is a prescription, an inoculation, a vaccine if you will, against the true virus which so plagues our nation.

For your kind Consideration,

Amicitia pulchra est

CulturalHusbandry, 1776/2021