13th Letter to the American People

July 18, 2021

To all Patriots,

The parties in this conflict are not merely Democrats and Republicans; they are Atheists, Anarchists, Globalists, Socialists, Communists, Fascists, Liberals, Progressives on the one side, and those minders of order and the natural laws of mankind, freedom, and liberty on the other. In a way, the nation is the battleground, the Individual and Authoritarianism the combatants, and the secured blessings of Liberty and Freedom for all people the stakes. One party seems to regard society, with all its complexities and varied interest, nuanced divisions, and stratifications, as the creation of man, which, as that means it has been invented and arranged in a specific order, may be taken apart piece by piece, reexamined, reset, and built back better as their own wishes guide them to ‘fix’ any defects or misaligned parts they see in the existing order. The other party either through experience or intuition appreciates and has a profound understanding for the natural order of mankind; and considers their own existence as that of a caretaker to a set of Rights and Principles whose roots are traced not back to any system or creation of man, but to God who is traced back to the very origins of the universe and forward to the unfathomable depths of the future, all of which is made evident by the chaos and disorder that routinely occurs by those who tamper with the natural laws of mankind in their failed attempts to play God.

The wants of these Authoritarian Combatants is too expressive and definitively clear as to be confused or misunderstood by any; they are to be written in our own blood. It is true that they aim at a single, uniform world in which thought is limited, barriers placed and replaced by those who control the narrative of the day no matter how incongruous each replacement may be with that which was correct the day before. Hypocrisy is no obstacle. Do not let their arguments, wants, or actions deceive you, nor keep you from considering that you may be spared should you go along to get along. Divide and Tyrannize is the rule of conduct, to conquer one at a time is the most certain and simplest way to crush us all.

As no time in our modern history has provided such blatant and open examples of a coming authoritarian world unfit for the existence of a free, industrious and liberty loving people, you can not – under any circumstance – listen to or be swayed by the propaganda, struggle sessions, or perverse minds of those who would wish to persuade you. For if you acquiesce to their demands, remain quiet in the face of wrong, or sit idly when they attack those around you, the oppression which you will have so avoided through passivity will find itself fully aligned against you as the sole survivor of the inquisition now before us.

We are, at this very moment, without true and accessible leadership for President Trump is so censored that his voice is a mere wisp in a gathering storm aligned against us. We have no General Flynn to lead us for he is held in much the same manner as our beloved President, silenced and censored by those platforms which act as the public square. We often allude to or reference outright the type of leadership we wish from a Great man or woman among us; for it is a great individual who leads others to copy him, and it is through an inspired example that courageous preservation may continue. While we are not blind, for the Constitution and God guide us, we do require a rallying point of a person or party from which our voices may be lifted, our banner carried, and our Liberty and Freedom preserved.

In truth, those who appear to lead our charge at present are few to be imitated or revered for they raise revenue and profit for themselves as readily as they raise a concern for our Rights and Liberties. We saw some $300 Million raised to “Stop the Steal” of which exactly zero has been spent on election audits and the lawsuits of those January 06 Political Prisoners still held captive. We use promo code “Rube” at every turn, our lacking leadership shouts more sternly about Democracy in Cuba than at home and raises funds on our concerns only to spend those funds on their own expanded influence – our concerns be damned! A few publishers have stepped up, their investigations more thorough and precise than any our so-called “elected leadership” has ever produced but without the political and legal structure to carry those findings forward they get lost in the Sea of Misinformation. And therefore, such a leader is needed!

I am quite enamored by the work of Darren J. Beattie, deeply affected by the voice of reason emanating from Noor Bin Ladin, and confident in the clarity of purpose with which Kash Patel takes to his taskings. But until we coalesce around a figurehead who sells less than he works towards our Liberty, cares for Reason more than Party, and stands as the rock upon which the entire storm will break, we are simply adrift in a well-stocked ship whose bones are structurally strong but whose crew is without purpose or intent.

One of the chief markers of a great individual is to know when to stop and when to start; and still greater is the knowledge of how such a thing is to be done. It is one of the surest ways to spot the imitators among those who claim to be true leaders. For it is the individual who knows how to carry the ship through the shoals that will lead us to shore and not leave us dashed against the rocks. There are plenty of imitators; We need one who will help safely carry our voices to the preservation of Liberty and Freedom which this American land is so well suited and in such dire need of.

CulturalHusbandry, 1776/2021