Our inheritance of 1776 and the principles of our founding

We are now at the leading edge of a great battle, one which will deliver or destroy that which we now know as Western Civilization – for the Liberty that we seek and the Freedom that we so cherish is now at odds with an atheistic collectivism whose reverence for the Constitutional rule of law passed down from our founding has been replaced by a despotic, fanatical law based on destructive centralization and a transformative rewriting of reality. Upon this very moment in time, this decade in which our cultural war shall culminate in one way or another, those who have come before us look down upon us now. Our subjugation is the aim of these governing radicals and shall be our shame should we fail to preserve the Western Principles of our Founding, and the American Constitution.

It is often said that empires collapse from the inside out, that they are not murdered, rather, that they commit suicide by drowning under a flood of their own passivity and amoral practices. If, therefore, the American people of Patriotic and Conservative values are to be what they so profess to be; if we are that which we demonstrate in our commitment to family, duty to country, and sacrifice in our daily toil; if we truly carry on our backs and in our hearts the mantle of our founding; if we care deeply for the principles of Liberty and Freedom, Property and Life, Truth and Equality; then the subjugation of the American Patriot and Conservative is an absolute impossibility. The independent nature of man is not to be usurped by the actions of the collective which, as is historically illogical, has proven at every instance to self-implode causing death, famine, servitude, and war. Therefore, it remains entirely up to us to stand at this moment in history, patient and faithful, until the work of Liberty and Freedom is done.

Maskless, joyful days await you and your children should you take to the cause of Liberty and Freedom. Stand, Speak, Carry on against those who wish you silenced and passive in the face of the growing collective. Before this plague of Collectivism, Communism, Fascism, and Socialism combined under the umbrella of an authoritarian Central government and Tech Politburo can spread any further let us place ourselves at the front of this culture war until those evil practitioners cease, and we find ourselves at happy rest.

CulturalHusbandry, 1776/2021